Spring Conclave!


Hello everyone!

I’m taking a little study break to fill you in on the awesome weekend I had!  29 of the Delta Psi Brothers of Kappa Psi made the trek to Brookings, SD for Spring Conclave.  Me and 6 of my classmates rented a van and drove down together.  We made a few stops along the way — Chipotle in the Twin Cities (my friend Steve had never had it before!) AND we stopped in Olivia, MN at one of the two pharmacies with a functioning soda fountain remaining in the state!  It was such an awesome drive with incredible people.


Me, Steve, Sara, Beth, and John, kickin’ it in the mini!

The meeting itself was super fun as well!  We started Friday evening by going out to dinner as a chapter and then went to the social event at our hotel where we shook it on the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning.  The Saturday business meeting went from the morning to midday, where we participated in breakout groups and heard updates from the province and international officers, and committee heads that were in attendance.

After the meeting, small groups of brothers went out for lunch or caught up on sleep lost from the night before 🙂  After lunch, a group of us hit the links at the hotel’s mini golf course (I got a hole-in-one!).  In the afternoon, most of our chapter hung out at the hotel pool/hot tub and relaxed.  Later, we all went to the formal dinner and finished off the night with another social with even more dancing!


 Delta Psi (minus Luke Nelson, plus Graduate Brother Steph Grube 🙂 )

On the way home Sunday, we stopped at our friend MK’s house (graduated from the Duluth campus in 2011) and he, his younger brother, and his dad made us an AWESOME brunch!  It was wonderful to see him again, meet part of his family, and get fueled up for the ride back to Duluth.

Conclave was so amazing, as always, and I’m very glad I was able to go.  Being in Kappa Psi is one of my favorite parts of pharmacy school and I am so grateful for all of the friendships I have made and opportunities I’ve had because of it!  I look forward to continuing to be active in Kappa Psi after graduation and I would strongly encourage anyone who’s attending pharmacy school to join your campus’ chapter!

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Home for the weekend! COME TO PHARMACY PREVIEW DAY!


Hello errbody!

This is a pretty random post, but I’m just chillin’ in the Galleria Starbucks in Edina, MN.  I just finished watching a couple Pharmacotherapy lectures I missed this Tuesday while I was studying for an exam — ***Tangent time! #1 One of the great things about ITV (Interactive Television – how our classes are delivered to two campuses at once 🙂 ) is that the lectures from our required classes, like Therapy, are recorded.  I had an exam on Wednesday and I decided it would be better for me to make up the lectures and study than to miss out on those additional 2 hours of study time*** Anywho! I’m hanging out here (partially people watching, of course) waiting for my best friend to get off work so we can go shopping for gifts for my other friend’s bridal shower tomorrow morning.  

I’m glad to be home this weekend, even though I was here for Easter less than a week ago.  I went to class in the Cities this morning which was wonderful as always!  It’s fun to experience what it’s like to be in lecture on the other campus.  You get a greater appreciation for what the other students’ learning environment is like.  Plus, I got to see some of my friends from the Cities and catch up a bit!  I also went to the executive board meeting for an organization I’m a part of, College Board (CB is basically the student government of the College of Pharmacy).  We always hold our EBoard and general meetings over ITV and this was my first time being in the Cities for an EBoard meeting.  ***Tangent #2! I think going to this meeting really drove home to me how cool it is that the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy has 2 campuses.  Even though I see those people on TV all the time, being with them physically made me realize just how incredible it is that we can operate across such a distance.  We have the luxury of bringing ideas from many different students together, regardless of whether they’re in Duluth or Minneapolis!*** Being that it’s the end of the school year, organizations are all in the process of turning over the executive responsibilities from one Board to the next.  It was exciting to have most of the new EBoard members and all of the old ones in the room together.  College Board is in great hands with the incoming execs and I’m looking forward to checking in with what they’re all up do while I’m on rotations next year 🙂

Back to being home… Tomorrow I have a bridal shower AND a bachelorette party for my friend, Maggie, who’s getting married in May.  Between the two parties, I’ll be heading back to the U for Pharmacy Preview Day!  I’m so excited!!!  I love being on the student panel–mainly because I love to talk, especially about pharmacy school–and I can’t wait to see some new faces.  If you’re in the Twin Cities area, you should come check it out!  And you DEFINITELY need to come up and say hi to me if you attend 🙂


Until next time,


PD3 White Coat Ceremony #2


Hi team!

I mentioned the PD3 White Coat/Transition Ceremony in a previous post, but now that it’s over and done with, I thought I’d share a bit more about it with you all!  Our ceremony was held two Fridays ago at Clyde Iron Works (a neat mining-themed restaurant/banquet/concert center!) in Duluth.  Just like our WCC before we started school, this was just for the Duluth campus of students.  It was surreal to think that just a couple years before, we were all in the same situation — only we didn’t know the people we were sitting next to!  Now, we’ve all grown so much and have gone through A LOT together.  I knew I’d be sad when the end of third year was approaching, but I’ve underestimated my attachment to my classmates, my school, and the city of Duluth!  I’m going to miss everyone more that I can even imagine at this point.  The Duluth campus — facutly, staff, and students — has done so much to make my experience at the Duluth CoP amazing.  I’m so proud to have come from this campus and hopefully I can leave my mark on it before I leave.

Anyway! Back to the ceremony… We had a delicious dinner (and dessert!) and got to chat/watch an amazing slide show that my friends/classmates/Brothers in Kappa Psi — Neil Bland and John “Gymgelko” Grygelko (shout out to Neil and John!) — put together for the WCC.  They managed to find photos of all 55 of our classmates so everyone was represented! 🙂  Dinner was followed by remarks from the Dean of the U of M College of Pharmacy, Marilyn Speedie, our class advisor, Grant Anderson, and some words from the Senior Associate Dean of the Duluth campus, Randy Seifert.  After we were “coated” on stage by the Deans, Brittany and I got to give out our class “superlatives”.  We can an award or two to each of our classmates.  Some of the awards were, “Most Swag”, “Class Traveler”, “Most likely to be doing a crossword in class”, etc.  We even had the class try to guess who some of the awards were for before we announced the winner.  There were definitely some that everyone knew to whom we were referring to!  It was great to acknowledge each person in our class for their unique contribution to the group — we definitely wouldn’t be the same without any of them!

Class of 2013-Duluth (minus some of our comrades!)

Ever since the Duluth campus accepted its first class in 2007, it has been constantly working to enhance the student experience.  Each class has made an effort to change things for the next group of students.  I’m not ready to leave the College, but I know that my class has worked hard to leave a legacy of support and fellowship to the underclassmen.  The Class of 2016 will be in good hands when 2013 is on rotations 🙂

I am eternally grateful that I was chosen for the Duluth campus.  I’ve learned so much from my time here and I cannot wait to show the world what I can do.

Until next time,


APhA Annual 2012!


Hello my wonderful readers!

It’s already been over two weeks since the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Annual Meeting, but I can’t stop thinking about it!  I had such an amazing time!  The meeting was held in New Orleans this year, which was awesome.  I’d never been there before so it was well worth the trip just for the location.  The conference itself was wonderful too – I’d go to it even if it was in the middle of nowhere!

The U of M College of Pharmacy has a strong presence at the annual meeting.  We all get super excited about going and try to get as many students to go as possible.  The U of M CoP also has great reimbursement opportunities through College Board (student government), MPSA (Minnesota Pharmacy Student Alliance – our version of APhA-ASP [Academy of Student Pharmacists]), and travel grants via GAPSA (Graduate and Professional Student Assembly) so that definitely improves travel feasibility for us poor students!


U of M’ers at APhA 🙂

This year, we won 6 awards!  It was great to see the hard work that the members of our chapter put into our patient care projects and everything else we do in MPSA.  PLUS we got to see our Duluth chapter President, Brittany Karns, in action as Region V Delegate!  She did an incredible job and we’re so proud of her!!!

The U of M CoP is a big supporter of student attendance at professional meetings.  A vast majority of professors are very accommodating for students that will miss class for these events (and some of the profs even attend the meetings too!).  It is SO IMPORTANT to get involved in the profession as a student and carry on that involvement into your career.  Meetings like APhA Annual are great places to network with students and professionals/potential employers alike.  Not to mention, they’re a whole lotta fun 🙂


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Holy Hannah! It’s nearly the end of March!


Hi guys!

Again, time has gotten away from me and it’s been a few weeks since my last post!  I’ve been a busy PD3!  But that’s one of the things I like most about pharmacy school — I always have something to do!  Whether it’s for school or an activity/organization, intramural team, or just hanging out with my classmates/schoolmates, there’s never a shortage of things going on 🙂

Speaking of, tonight is the PD3 class White Coat Ceremony.  We’ll be getting coated one last time before we start rotations this May.  I can’t believe rotations are already almost here!  This semester (and year) have seriously flown by.  My classmates — especially me and my roommate/friend/class representative counterpart Brittany Karns (shout out to BK!) — are super excited for the ceremony!  Each class has a WCC right before school starts and again before they go out on rotations.  Most people are bringing their families, significant others, or friends so it will be nice to meet some new people!  Britt and I will be addressing our class before we’re coated and we’re giving fun awards (Superlatives/”Most likely to…”s) to all of our classmates afterward.  We hope they like them and think they’re funny!

Knowing that the WCC is tonight, I’ve been thinking a lot about the last 3 years of my life.  They have been amazing.  I’ve gone through a fair amount of changes personally, in what I want out of my career, and in my relationships with others.  Being in pharmacy school has exposed me to so many wonderful things and opportunities and I am so grateful for each one of them.  I can’t wait to see where life will take me in the future.


Until next time,




Hiya kids!

I can’t believe it’s already March. This is ridiculous. (This post is going to be a random jumble of my life, so enjoy the ride!)

We had a snow day on Wednesday (so the Twin Cities campus also got one), which was AWESOME! It felt so good to sleep in! And, I was able to use that day to catch up on the lectures I had missed when I took Friday off to go to Wisconsin to participate in a nordic ski race (the Birkebeiner, if you’ve heard of it).

Spring break starts NEXT WEEK already! This semester is seriously flying by! I’m really excited to go to New Orleans for the American Pharmacists Association annual meeting. I’ve never been to Louisiana so that will be awesome! Some of my friends and I will be staying down there for a couple extra days to do some sightseeing (it’s pretty nice that the conference falls on our spring break this year). Also, I’ll be representing the Duluth campus in the National Patient Counseling Competition–I hope I can do well for my school! I’m a little nervous, but it will be a great experience no matter what, so bring it on! I still have a lot of prep work to do, so that’s what my weekend will largely consist of (that and studying for my exams next week).

For my next random thought, I’ve been looking for places to stay in Boston during my rotation there. There were A TON of great looking summer rentals, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to rent them for just 5 weeks (I’m sure people would much rather sublet their places for the entire summer and not a month). I contacted 5 or 6 listings so hopefully one of them will work out! It’s expensive to live in Boston! There were plenty of 1-bedroom apartments that cost hundreds of dollars more per month than my 4-bedroom house in Duluth. I guess that’s the price of city living! I’m just pumped to live in such a big city even if it’s only for 5 weeks 🙂

Finally, and most importantly, IT’S CAMPUS SWAP DAY! 9 P3s from the Twin Cities campus have come up to Duluth for the day! I think there are 60+ students between the campuses that are participating. It’s so great to see them all! I’ve met most of the P3 students before today, but I look forward to hanging out with them while they’re here 🙂 We’ll have lunch together after class and spend the rest of the afternoon together until they make the trek back to Minneapolis. The U of M College of Pharmacy is AWESOME!!!!!

What a great Friday…


Until next time,


Hello again!



Sorry I haven’t posted yet this semester! I almost forgot that I’m supposed to be doing this…haha 

I had an AMAZING and much-needed winter break, but it feels great to be back in Duluth. I can’t believe this is my last semester up here! I’m going to miss it a bunch–so much so that I wouldn’t mind staying up here to work after school!

So far, this semester has been great. Our course schedule is the best it’s been (in my opinion), classes are great, I’m TA-ing in the IV Lab again, and I get to curl twice per week and play indoor soccer! What more could a girl ask for?!


As promised, here is my rotation schedule for next year. I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!


Block 1/2 – Alder Apotheke – Velbert, Germany (Elective)

Block 3 – Natural Standard Research Collaboration – Somerville [Boston], MA (Elective – natural pharmacy)

Block 4 – Unitiva Health – Eden Prairie, MN (Patient Care – Geriatrics)

Block 5 – Min No Aya Win Pharmacy – Cloquet, MN (Ambulatory Care) ***I worked here this past summer and I’m PUMPED to go back! The people at MNAW are AMAZING!!! If you’re even in the Duluth/Cloquet area, I highly recommend taking a tour — they practice pharmacy the way it should be practiced***

Block 6 – Setzer Pharmacy – Roseville, MN (Community)

Block 7 – Globe Drug and Medical Equipment – Grand Rapids, MN (Elective – Community Pharmacy Management)

Block 8/9 – Fairview Southdale – Edina, MN (Acute Care)


Rotations are going to be a great experience. I’m excited to show the skills I’ve learned at the U of M College of Pharmacy over my three years here AND learn even more from practicing professionals! Check out http://www.pharmacy.umn.edu/pharmd/eep/appe/sites/home.html to see some of the sites the U has to offer 🙂


Until next time,